Does Insurance Cover The Mona Lisa Procedure

Unfortunately, insurance typically does not cover the Mona Lisa Touch procedure. Here’s why:

  • Considered elective: The Mona Lisa Touch is often viewed as an elective procedure, meaning it’s not deemed medically necessary by insurance companies. Its primary purpose is to address vaginal dryness and related symptoms, which while uncomfortable, aren’t typically considered life-threatening or debilitating.
  • No specific billing code: There’s currently no specific billing code for the Mona Lisa Touch, making it difficult for providers to submit claims to insurance.
  • Alternative treatments exist: Insurance companies often prioritize covering established and less expensive treatments before considering newer options like the Mona Lisa Touch. For vaginal dryness, estrogen therapy is typically considered the first-line treatment and is usually covered by insurance.

However, there are some exceptions:

  • Research studies: If you’re participating in a research study investigating the Mona Lisa Touch, insurance might cover it as part of the study protocol.
  • Rare circumstances: In rare circumstances, if your doctor can demonstrate that the Mona Lisa Touch is medically necessary for your specific case and there are no other effective options, they might be able to appeal to your insurance company for coverage.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Talk to your doctor: Discuss your individual situation and insurance coverage with your doctor. They can help you understand your options and explore potential avenues for coverage.
  • Contact your insurance company: You can directly contact your insurance company to inquire about their specific coverage policies for the Mona Lisa Touch.
  • Consider alternative options: Explore other treatment options, such as estrogen therapy, that might be covered by your insurance.

Remember, while insurance might not currently cover the Mona Lisa Touch, it’s still an important conversation to have with your healthcare provider to determine the best course of action for your individual needs.

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