Does Medicare Pay For Labiaplasty

United States:

  • Generally, Medicare does not cover labiaplasty. It is considered an elective cosmetic surgery, and Medicare typically only covers medically necessary procedures.
  • However, there may be some exceptions. If the labiaplasty is deemed medically necessary to address a functional problem, such as pain, discomfort, or difficulty with hygiene, Medicare may provide some coverage. This would require documentation from a doctor to support the medical necessity.


  • Medicare Australia may offer a rebate for labiaplasty, but it is under specific conditions. The procedure must be deemed reconstructive or therapeutic, meaning it is necessary to address a medical issue, not solely for cosmetic reasons.
  • Examples of medical conditions that could qualify for Medicare coverage include:
    • Functional problems such as pain, discomfort, or difficulty with hygiene.
    • Congenital anomalies of the labia.
    • Complications from childbirth or injury.
  • The specific requirements for Medicare coverage vary depending on the individual case. It is essential to consult with a doctor and seek approval before the procedure to determine if it will be covered.

Here are some additional factors that may affect Medicare coverage:

  • The type of labiaplasty being performed.
  • The surgeon’s qualifications and experience.
  • The patient’s medical history and individual circumstances.

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