Do OB GYN Perform Labiaplasty

Yes, some OB-GYNs can perform labiaplasty, but it depends on several factors:

OB-GYN expertise: Not all OB-GYNs have the training and experience necessary to perform this specific procedure. While they have extensive knowledge of female anatomy, their primary training focuses on diagnosing and treating medical conditions, not cosmetic procedures.

Type of labiaplasty: If you’re considering labiaplasty for purely cosmetic reasons, a plastic surgeon specializing in this area might be a better choice due to their additional training and experience in achieving desired aesthetics. However, if you have functional concerns like pain, discomfort, or hygiene issues caused by enlarged labia, some OB-GYNs with experience in this specific area may be able to perform a corrective labiaplasty.

Finding the right provider: Regardless of which type of doctor you choose, thorough research and consultation are crucial. Ensure their board certification, experience with labiaplasty procedures, and understanding of your specific needs and goals. Look for before-and-after photos showcasing their work and patient testimonials.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Plastic surgeons generally have more experience with cosmetic aspects and achieving desired aesthetics.
  • OB-GYNs might be more suitable if functional concerns are the primary motivation.
  • Consultation: Discuss your goals and concerns with both types of providers to determine the best fit for your needs.

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